What Can I Expect?

What Can I Expect?

Your osteopath will need to know what has happened to you so at your first session a full case history will be taken to include your current problem and past history.

Some insurance companies will reimburse part of your treatment costs including Simply Health. Please check your individual policy and that your practitioner is listed.

The osteopath will then carry out an examination to assess your injury and will use a variety of orthopaedic tests to determine the nature of your problem.

Once the osteopath has diagnosed your problem they will discuss the nature of your injury with you, what treatment will consist of and estimate how long the injury will take to recover. Treatment will normally start at your first visit unless the osteopath feels that more information is required such as scans or blood test results. You will usually be asked to undress down to your underwear for spinal problems and we can provide you with a gown if necessary. Please bring somebody with you to act as a chaperone if you wish.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Without the expert care I have received from Neil over the past 20 years I would be spending most of my time in a wheelchair as I have a chronic neurological condition that affects my back. I visit regularly to maintain my mobility which enables me to live a normal life and I am very grateful for the care I have received from Neil over the years.

    AnitaChingford, London
  • My wife and I have been visiting Neil for treatment whenever we have back or neck problems for almost 20 years. Neil is always very courteous and professional and we have never hesitated in recommending him to our friends and family who have also had successful treatment from him.

    DavidSawbridgeworth, Essex
  • After spending years with different therapists and feeling at a loss for what to do I was convinced by friends to try The Centre. Who knew that it would end with a new lease of life for me? I experienced a vast improvement in my condition and Neil was always able to provide support over the phone if I needed it. I feel at ease with the warm and friendly welcome offered to me by the committed team at The Centre.

    TracySawbridgeworth, Essex
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