FREE Posture Assessment

FREE Posture Assessment

Many of us spend most of the day in positions that don’t help our spines, slumped over the office computer, slouched in the sofa or straining with heavy lifting.

We have evolved quite well to stand on two feet but unfortunately our bodies don’t cope very well with the loads that modern living places on them. Our bodies are designed to move but most of us spend our days not moving very much.

Neil Bruce the principal osteopath at The Centre uses a computerised posture  programme to show you where the loads are in your body potentially leading to strain and damage. The procedure only takes a few minutes and will demonstrate the load that life has placed on you. Many basic postural problems stem from the way your feet react when they strike the ground. If the arch of your foot doesn’t function well then abnormal loads are translated through the ankle and up the leg right to the spine. A simple device called an orthotic can correct the foot as it strikes the ground and reduce the forces driving through to the spine.

Simple advice coupled with a straightforward exercise regime for several minutes a day can change the fitness levels of individual muscle groups in your body. This will allow you to modify the way you hold your body during activity and relaxation. Improved posture will give you the opportunity to function more efficiently and reduce physical overload.

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FREE Postural Assessment

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What Our Customers Say

  • Without the expert care I have received from Neil over the past 20 years I would be spending most of my time in a wheelchair as I have a chronic neurological condition that affects my back. I visit regularly to maintain my mobility which enables me to live a normal life and I am very grateful for the care I have received from Neil over the years.

    AnitaChingford, London
  • After spending years with different therapists and feeling at a loss for what to do I was convinced by friends to try The Centre. Who knew that it would end with a new lease of life for me? I experienced a vast improvement in my condition and Neil was always able to provide support over the phone if I needed it. I feel at ease with the warm and friendly welcome offered to me by the committed team at The Centre.

    TracySawbridgeworth, Essex
  • My wife and I have been visiting Neil for treatment whenever we have back or neck problems for almost 20 years. Neil is always very courteous and professional and we have never hesitated in recommending him to our friends and family who have also had successful treatment from him.

    DavidSawbridgeworth, Essex
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