Golf shoe tips to keep your feet feeling fantastic

Here are some Golf shoe tips to keep your feet feeling fantastic this autumn and winter season.

1. Waterproof Shoes Without Fail
The first line of defense in protecting your feet when hitting the greens in the coming months is to help them stay dry.  Waterproof shoes are a must at this time of the year.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking around in soggy footwear, squishing around as you go along.  Keep your concentration focused on your game and not your cold, wet feet by investing in a pair of waterproof golf shoes.

2. Dry Socks for a Mid-Game Foot Boost
Even with the best protection and waterproofing safe guards you might find your feet still manage to feel wet and cold halfway through your 18 holes.  It’s always better to be over prepared rather than risk being uncomfortable.  Packing an extra pair of socks is a great idea, especially during the wet and windy season.  Giving you the option to treat your feet to the ultimate pick-me-up if necessary.

3. Select Mud-Reducing Colours and Materials
If your first priority after a great day of golf isn’t cleaning your white shoes until they sparkle, you might benefit from choosing a darker shade golf shoe for the autumn/winter season.  As the wet and windy conditions intensify so does the amount of mud on the course.  Meaning shoes can take a serious battering while you’re perfecting that swing.  Caked on mud can be difficult to clean and can also leave stains on lighter materials.  Choosing a richer shade of footwear is a great way to lessen the effects of mud and help keep you looking clean and fresh on the course in the coming months.

4. Soft Spikes for Better Grip
In the spring/summer season hard ground means it’s possible to complete a round wearing the new model of golf shoes, sporting dimpled soles rather than spikes.  As the weather changes and rain begins to soften the course it’s important to wear shoes that have greater grip in order to prevent slipping and give you a better base throughout your swing.  Soft spiked golf shoes are a necessity for any player this autumn/winter to ensure you complete the course safely and efficiently.

5. Shoe Protection and Care
It’s not enough to have the right spikes, colour and water protection.  If you don’t take care of your shoes they won’t last and will be less likely to perform to their best capabilities.  Ensuring spikes are clean and soles clear of dirt and debris is an important piece in achieving your best level of play. Once your shoes are particle-free take the time to properly clean and prepare them so they’re ready for your next round, storing them in a shoe bag.

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