Our Feet Are Getting Bigger!

Our Feet Are Getting Bigger!

During the last four decades, the average British foot has increased by two shoe sizes , The College of Podiatry said.

In 1970, men’s feet were on average size eight and women had size four feet, but now the average male wears a size 10 and the average female wears a size six, a spokeswoman said.

The increase could be linked to the population's increased weight and height, she added.

A new poll conducted by the college found that two-thirds of women claim their feet have got wider in adult life, and 35% said they have got bigger.

And the survey of 2,000 British adults found that 48% of men said their feet have got bigger, and 61% said their feet are wider.

The college also cautioned that many people are risking foot problems by trying to squeeze their feet into shoes that are too small and narrow.

"Feet are getting bigger because as a nation we are becoming taller and we're increasing in weight," said podiatrist Lorraine Jones from The College of Podiatry.

" Increased weight gain places more pressure on the feet and means ligaments and joints need to work harder to maintain the foot's structure and keep you mobile.

"Over time, if someone is gaining weight, the feet splay to try and accommodate the increased pressure - which can cause pain, lead to mobility issues and increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis in the lower limb joints.

"Whatever your shoe size, the most important thing is to wear a comfortable, well-fitting shoe. More retailers are
introducing wider fitting shoe ranges so if you have wide feet try to opt for a shoe that will comfortably accommodate your foot without causing rubbing or blisters."

Taken from www.expressandstar.com

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