Common Foot Treatments

Common Foot Treatments

Corns, callouses and rough skin

Callous is unsightly and often uncomfortable. If left untreated it can become painful, crack or even develop into a corn. This condition is dealt with painlessly by gently removing the dead skin leaving the feet looking and feeling like new. Cracked heels are a particular problem for patients who like to wear backless shoes. Prompt treatment and advice will ensure an end to this problem

General foot care

You don’t need to have a particular problem to benefit from treatment. A popular treatment is to tidy the feet up leaving you walking on air. Nails are trimmed, any thickened nails can be painlessly thinned down and hard skin is removed along with any corns. The feet are then smoothed and moisturised. Regular visits can prevent problems from occurring.

Fungal infection of the skin and nails

Fungal nails become thickened and discoloured and eventually painful and unsightly. The podiatrist can greatly reduce the thickening making them look and feel better. Athlete’s foot can cause itchiness and irritation as well as dry scaly skin. It’s often seen in people other than athletes. Treatment and advice will be given during your consultation to help give relief.


These can be swollen, itchy and very painful reddened areas on the feet. Usually seen more in the winter although people with poor circulation can be affected by similar lesions at any time of year. We can provide good treatment to make them more comfortable and advice on how to avoid them.

Surgery, home and hospital visits

We have several Chiropodists/Podiatrists available in our well-equipped surgeries at The Centre where we can give the most complete care. Visits are available locally at home for the housebound and for care homes. You would need to speak to our principal podiatrist or practice manager to arrange treatment away from The Centre


Many problems can be helped with advice and we provide a range of leaflets at The Centre to help you deal with your problem in conjunction with treatment.

Budget nail cutting

We are able to offer a low cost, no frills nail cutting service. This may be with our supervised foot care assistant but is not suitable for those with diabetes, circulatory disorders or those on certain medications. You will be assessed prior to treatment for suitability.

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What Our Customers Say

  • I have known Andrea for over 25 years during which time she has successfully treated my whole family for various foot problems. My verrucae were gone within weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend The Centre as the best place to receive superb foot care whatever the problem.

    AmandaHarlow, Essex
  • I attend The Centre every couple of months. The staff are all welcoming and very friendly. I always feel like I am walking on air when my hard skin and thickened nails are reduced. Worth every penny, thank you.

    GregDatchworth, Hertfordshire
  • I have trusted Andrea to deal with my complex foot problems since 1987. Not only has she made my feet so much more comfortable but we enjoy a good catch up and laugh.

    JanetHarlow, Essex
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